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Cut from the Same Cloth – Get Together

Are you a woman who values meaning and personal connection in your wardrobe?

Do you yearn to explore the stories woven into your clothes and discover garments that resonate with your unique narrative?

If so, join us for a unique and empowering workshop:

"Cut from the Same Cloth-Get Together"  is a gathering of women in a community setting to share stories about the fabrics in our lives. Cloth plays a role in family traditions and cultural customs. We want to hear about your personal connections to particular pieces of cloth. We would like to share the stories behind the patterns seen inside the body during health research – the cloth-like soul of cells.

"Cut from the Same Cloth-Get Together", proudly presented by the UCD Conway Institute ( in collaboration with The Venezuelan Community in Ireland (VCI).

This workshop goes beyond fashion to weave together personal stories and cultural exchange, aligning with VCI's strategic goal of “Integration of Latin American in Ireland”.

More than just fabric, "Cut from the Same Cloth" is an intimate journey of self-discovery through the lens of clothing. You'll join a diverse group of 20 remarkable women on a path to:

  • Unveil hidden narratives: Dive into the fascinating history, cultural significance, and personal stories woven into different fabrics and garments.

  • Connect with your personal style: Explore the symbolism and influences behind your clothing choices, gaining a deeper understanding of your unique expression and heritage.

  • Discover meaningful pieces: Learn to curate your wardrobe with intention, seeking out garments that resonate with your personal story and values, celebrating both individuality and shared experiences.

  • Empower your self-expression: Embrace clothing as a tool for self-exploration and storytelling, celebrating your individuality and the richness of your Venezuelan background.

Throughout the workshop, you'll:

  • Engage in stimulating discussions: Share your perspectives and connect with a supportive community of women from diverse backgrounds, fostering inclusion and understanding.

  • Participate in interactive activities: Delve into mindful exercises designed to explore your relationship with clothing and self-expression, celebrating cultural traditions and personal narratives.

  • Leave feeling empowered: Gain a newfound appreciation for the stories you wear, the power of self-expression, and the strength of community belonging.

Imagine: Surrounded by a vibrant community, you explore the narratives woven into your clothes, discovering garments that resonate with your values, heritage, and unique story. You leave empowered to express yourself authentically, celebrate your Venezuelan background, and feel connected to a welcoming community.

Join "Cut from the Same Cloth" for a transformative experience that blends cultural exchange with personal growth, aligning with VCI's mission of inclusion.

Limited spots are available! Secure your spot today by Registration link. We can't wait to welcome you to this unique workshop!

Workshop on June 15th 2024.
Place: Museo "National Museum (Collins Barracks)".

Time: 11 am
Expo Workshop 3 hours ( includes a welcome tea/ coffee and a light lunch at the end) 
20 women from our call will expose a textile that has a valuable meaning in its life, so they will need to tell the story behind this cloth.  


The "Cut from the Same Cloth-Get Together" Team

P.S. Share this invitation with other remarkable women who might be interested in joining this empowering and inclusive experience!


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